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Beyond 100% electric car sharing. A new way to manage your company’s fleet.


Our cities are congested and polluted because of our irrational use of cars. At Zen Car, we believe in an alternative mobility paradigm. We think it’s possible to travel more economically and responsibly without losing comfort.

We dream of intelligent mobility in keeping with the ecological evolution that meets customers’ needs while optimising the use of the planet’s resources.

90% of our cars aren’t used.


Our team uses all its energy every day to support and facilitate companies in their transition to intelligent mobility.

In that context, Zen Car combines technology and sharing economy to develop mobility solutions that meet the actual needs of companies.


Our comprehensive solution is centred on a single platform connecting the users, the 100% electric shared cars and all complementary services. It allows an easy and customizable fleet management.

Our all-in-one solution

Zen Car’s 4 piece puzzle

100% electric shared cars

You enjoy a FULL SERVICE rental of our 100% electric shared cars. Taxes, insurance and assistance, maintenance and repairs are all included.


You can charge your vehicle anywhere in Belgium thanks to our partner network of charging stations. 350 stations are at your disposal to recharge fast and practically. We continue to develop new partnerships to make your life easier.

made easy

We offer a fully customizable sharing platform. You can create your own user community (employees, partners, companies in the area …) and decide which parameters you attribute to it (access hours of the cars, rates …).


Zen Car developed partnerships with major market players to offer you access to different car parks at preferential rates. Parking on the public road is also allowed under certain conditions.

The example of Celine

Employee in the private sector

Celine works in Brussels and lives in Namur. She only uses her car to drive to and from her workplace.

Celine arrives at the office at 8 a.m. and parks her car in the car park until 5 p.m. Martin, Sales Manager in another company in the same building, needs a car to go see his clients during the day.

Thanks to Zen Car, Martin can easily rent Celine’s car between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to visit his clients.

In short, Celine’s company optimises its fleet management thanks to an intelligent and shared mobility.

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